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SISCO offers integrated cash management solutions to industries, institutions, multinational companies and other high profile clients in private, public and corporate sector.
SISCO is one of the two commercially and operationally independent cash management companies that represents the association of SIS Group and Prosegur in India. SIS Group Enterprises is a market leader in security and business support services established in 1974, and Prosegur is the world’s second largest cash management company operating in Europe, Asia and Latin America since 1976.
SISCO is one of the most experienced companies of cash management services in India; infact, it was one of the pioneers in cash management in India. We started our ATM replenishment services in 2004 to the public and private sector banks and MSPs in India. Over the last 11 years, the company has grown to provide various services relating to cash with a presence in about 450 cities across 28 States and Union Territories

SISCO Chronicles:
  1. 1995 – Started as SS (Special Service) Vertical in SDB
  2. 1996 – Started Cash Escort Service with Grindlays Bank – with introduction of doorstep banking concept in India
  3. 1998 – Certis Cisco (Singapore) acquired 40% stake in SDB and the company was renamed to SDB Cisco
  4. 2000 – Renamed the cash management vertical as CMS (Cash Management Services)
  5. 2004 – Started ATM services under SDB Cisco
  6. 2007 – Renamed as CVS (Cash and Valuable Services)
  7. 2010 – Company taken over by ISS world, the largest facility management company worldwide
  8. 2014 – SIS and Prosegur jointly acquire the cash management business of ISS and rename it to SISCO

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