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SISCO offers cash sorting and cash processing services at its various branches and customers’ premises, including bank branches, currency chests and retail outlets.

  1. Error free: The moment cash is received at the premises, we follow the best security and operational protocols which include constant video surveillance, authority transfer and extensive documentation
  2. Reliable: Our staff is duly verified with the help of different internal and external background checks to maintain highest levels of integrity, thus reducing internal fraud risks
  3. Accurate: All entries and exits in the vault premises are controlled and only granted to employees with relevant clearance
  4. Productive: Our experienced staff wears specially designed uniforms, which along with the thorough frisking at the time of entry and exit, help prevent unwanted incidents
  1. Proprietary software systems coupled with video surveillance and documentation render high visibility and traceability to the operations
  2. The technologies we use enable us to minimise occurrences of discrepancies and if such an event occurs, those technologies help us have a quick and thorough investigation
  3. We use highly efficient machines which are capable of counting bulk notes, detecting fake notes and sorting notes based on denomination and fitness level


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