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SISCO, the pioneer of doorstep banking in India with nationwide reputation for reliability and safety, guarantees peace of mind for transporting and processing cash. SISCO’s fleet of secured vehicles, distributed across a vast network of local branches, guarantees extensive regional coverage and makes it possible to attend to any pickup and transport requirements.

Cash Collection and Delivery

Our experienced crew along with armed security personnel can collect notes and coins directly from bank, office, retail outlets or any other location of preference. SISCO facilitates delivery and deposit of currency in customer’s bank account. We also provide cash burial/disposal services.


Cash Processing and Vaulting

On client’s demand, SISCO will transport their cash and coins back to our processing centres for counting and verification (which includes identifying fake and unfit notes), before transporting the cash or coins to the desired destination. We also provide comprehensive and extensive vaulting facilities to our clients.


  1. All pickups conducted through an automated POS system
  2. Alternate route strategy followed for safety purposes
  3. Cash van fabrication as per international standards
  4. Screened and well trained crew
  5. GPS tracking with online surveillance and recording
  6. Use of tamperproof bags with bar coded seals for traceability
  7. Comprehensive insurance coverage throughout the cash management process


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