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Portable cameras are specifically used in our ATM replenishment business by the crew at the ATM site. This allows SISCO to have eyes at the point of service.
Our ATM crew carries a portable camera en-route which is used to capture the whole Cash Balancing and Replenishment cycle carried out by our crew on each ATM.

Portable camera application

The crew lead (custodian) is required to mount the camera on a smooth secure surface on or around the ATM Machine site so that the entire area where cash is being handled is under camera view

  1. All portable camera recordings are saved in our secured server for any future use or investigation
  2. This ensures transparency and continual decrease in minimization of internal fraud risks


  1. Increased process compliance and visibility
  2. Decreased internal fraud risks
  3. Keep track of time at which service was done
  4. Tool for internal audit
  5. Avoids the handling of any cash outside the sight of a legitimate camera

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