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At SISCO, we have incorporated the latest technology in our vehicles to ensure the safety and monitoring of the valuables being transferred.

  1. Geotagging: Our ‘point of service’ locations are mapped so that the movement of vehicles can be tracked and any route deviation can be detected
  2. GPS tracking: Our secured vehicles are installed with GPS transmitters which allow us to monitor real time position of vehicles
  3. Geo-fencing: We apply geo-fencing to cities and areas within cities so that an automatic alert is generated when a specific vehicle crosses its assigned area
  4. Panic Button: Panic button enables our crew to send a distress signal to the National Operating Centre who can take appropriate actions in case of any attempted robbery
  5. Door Sensors: The back door (used to access cash-boxes) of the vehicle is installed with magnetic door sensors so that a log can be kept of all events where the door is opened or closed
  6. Vehicle Immobilizer: If required, the emergency response team can remotely immobilize the vehicle to avoid any theft/robbery attempts
  7. Intelligent Alerts: Our intelligent vehicle tracking system allows us to configure different type of alerts which minimize risk
  8. Alarm: In case of attempted robbery or theft, an alarm can be triggered remotely so that the vehicle gets attention and appropriate actions can be taken

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